About Us


We met in 1995 while attending U.C. Berkeley and an instant friendship was formed as we learned that we share the same values and zest for life. We both love a good bargain, but appreciate quality as well. As cash-strapped college students with an eye for fashion, but also aware of our impact on the environment, we found it hard to find affordable clothing that met our fashion needs and satisfied our tree hugging spirit.

After graduating in 1999, we both, coincidentally, moved to Los Angeles, California. Rashida pursued a career in entertainment, working as an agent trainee for the number one talent agency in the nation and was soon featured in Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair. Although all the while, she still had fashion on her mind.

Thao worked with her family to launch a furniture store and later in 2003, a vintage clothing and antique boutique. She put her passion for affordable fashion into good use while learning how to get her customer the best bargain for their fashion needs.

Over the years we carried on a continued discussion about a mutual vision of starting a company that would be a positive model for not only the environment, but the community. Focused on the big plan, to introduce everyone to affordable eco friendly fashion, we worked throughout many nights for several years to make “You Deserve” a reality. In 2005 we began working with manufacturers who share our goal to create great products while minimally impacting the environment.

Today we continue to bring our customers the best deals and merchandise for fashion and an eco friendly lifestyle while providing information on how it’s made, what it’s made of, and who makes it. Everyday, we strive to make You Deserve a company that you will believe in as much as we do. Enjoy, and we’ll see you at the next YD Event.


Thao & Rashida


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